International Society for Knowledge for Surgeons on Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty

12th International Congress of ISKSAA

Preconference Visitations & Workshops
18th – 20th June 2018, UK

21st – 22nd June 2018
Cloth Hall Court, Quebec Street
Leeds Beckett University, Leeds LS1 2HA, UK.


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Theme: See them do it & Do it your self.


Submission of Abstracts

ISKSAA GLOBAL SUMMIT LEEDS UK 2018 is now accepting abstracts for podium and poster presentations during the meeting. We encourage you to submit abstracts relating to current and emerging techniques and technology in the field of Knee, Hip & Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery, Arthroplasty & Trauma Surgery. 8 – 10 best peer reviewed innovative research papers will be selected for Award podium presentation (8 minutes) and the rest will be presented as free papers / posters. There are several Prize awards for both posters and paper presentations.

Journal of Arthroscopy & Joint Surgery (JAJS) is the official Journal of ISKSAA. All the scientific proceedings of ISKSAA GLOBAL SUMMIT LEEDS UK 2018 can be published on JAJS platform from this year onwards. This means that all the podium presentations and posters shall be considered as publications with listing on Scopus.

Guide to Abstract submission

  • All abstracts can only be submitted and presented in English.
  • Results that have already been published cannot be submitted.
  • The Abstracts need to be submitted by email to
  • Your abstract should have the following structure.
    • Title, objectives, methods, results, conclusions.
    • Concerning the methods it has to be clear if it is a prospective or a retrospective study and how the data has been obtained. Statistical data have to be specified. The test execution of experimental studies has to be understandable. The described methodology of data entry and data evaluation of clinical papers must be traceable. The abstract has to contain all relevant data and figures.
    • You need to submit the name of the presenting author, the presenting author's contact information, and the names and e-mail addresses of all co-authors.
    • Please ensure the e-mail address & mobile number of the presenting author is accurate, as this will be the sole method of communication regarding acceptance.
    • There is a limit of 300 words for each abstract. Provide the abstract in plain text; graphics, images & tables are not accepted.
    • Submitting authors are responsible for ensuring spelling, grammar, and terminology is accurate.
  • Abstracts cannot be edited after submission.

Instructions & Time line

Abstract Submission Date Extended to 30th April 2018. No abstracts will be accepted after this date.

  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that can be submitted for consideration; however each presenting author will be limited to no more than 2 paper presentations and / or 2 Poster presentations.
  • You need to mention your preference of Paper / Poster presentation, however the decision of the ISKSAA Scientific committee shall be final. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of each submission within 10 days.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the ISKSAA scientific committee. Acceptance of an abstract will be notified within 30 days of receiving it.
  • Once the acceptance is sent to you, you have 30 days to revert back with your ISKSAA 2018 registration number, otherwise the acceptance will be rejected and you cannot apply for that abstract again.
  • The mode of presentation whether Paper or Poster & which papers go for Award session will be notified by 30th April, 2018. The decision of the ISKSAA Scientific committee shall be final.
  • Presenting authors may be asked to complete a copyright license agreement so that the chosen abstracts can be published in the Journal of Arthroscopy & Joint Surgery ( JAJS ).

Guidelines for accepted paper presentation

  • Results that have already been published cannot be submitted.
  • Presenting authors may be asked to complete a copyright license agreement so that the chosen abstracts can be published in the Journal of Arthroscopy & Joint Surgery ( JAJS ).
  • Your Presentation should be 6 minutes of slides and oral presentation followed by discussion and questions at the end of the session hosted by the session moderator. The moderators will be asked to strictly enforce the time limit on your talk.
  • You will be sent the final programme by email once it is ready ( May 2018 ) which will state the date and time and duration of your presentation. The final programme will also be available online at the website.
  • Authors must submit their Podium Presentation to the e-mail address mentioned on the conference pages on the website by 31st May 2018 . After this date authors will need to bring their presentations to the meeting on a USB stick.
  • Podium Presentations can only be loaded at a meeting before the meeting begins or during the coffee and lunch breaks. There will be an author’s pre-view room available at the meeting, this is for use by presenting authors only.

Guldelines for accepted Poster presentation

General specifications

  • The Posters will be displayed on Poster stands of 4 feet height and 3 feet width.
  • You will be assigned a number which will be your identification for the final award.
  • In case of large numbers of posters, you will be assigned a date for your poster display which will be sent to you closer to the date.

Queries and Correspondence

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