Report of ISKSAA Ganga Fellowship

On very outset I would like to thank ISKSAA for providing me this wonderful opportunity. My experience at Ganga Hospital for arthroscopy and arthroplasty was great.

Schedule – I used to go at 7 am every day. Usually operation theatres used to run till evening 5-6 pm. There were 5 OTs for joints, arthroscopy. Usually there were 5-6 joints and 10 arthroscopies every day. OPD starts at 8 am. It was different style that there were 5 chambers in one opd where patients used to lie down and examined by fellows and consultant use to keep moving from one to other chamber and instructing what is to be done.

Hospitality- simple and elegant. There was dining facility. Neet and clean food. Library, surgeons room etc every thing was systematically present. DrRajshekhar and SundarRajan were very humble and friendly ,introducing me everywhere and helping .

Learning- DrSundarRajan is magician. He does very quick all arthroscopic surgeries and with perfection. I learnt many basic things and understood their logics. I was allowed to wash up in each case. I assisted many ACLR, PCLR, Pull through PCL avulsion repair, shoulder arthroscopy, cuff tear repair, complex ACL+PCL+MCL injuries, Meniscus repairs, Medial Meniscus root avulsion fixation etc. It was Dream come true to learn arthroscopy at Ganga Hospital with DrSundarRajan.

Best Regards

Dr A K Agrawal
MS, M.Ch. (Orth) Arthroscopist& Joint Replacement Surgeon
Satya Hospital,
Satyachowk, Barra-6,Kanpur,India
0512 2282111,12
+91 9415051052

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