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Department of Orthopedics
University College of Medical sciences and
GTB Hospital,
Delhi, India.
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ISKSAA is happy to Present its official, peer reviewed, Scopus indexed, online scientific journal Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery ( JAJS ), the first edition of which rolled out in January 2014.

The focus of the Journal is to present wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary perspectives on the problems of the joints that are amenable with Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty. Even though Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty entail surgical procedures, the journal shall not restrict itself to these purely surgical procedures. Rather it will also encompass pharmacological, rehabilitative and physiotherapy measures that can prevent or postpone the execution of a surgical procedure and can help the patient pursue his / her unhindered activities related to work and / or sports.

The Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery has an editorial board of top experts from the globe and is a peer reviewed journal. The journal is being professionally managed by the international publishing house "Elsevier" and the online submission is through the website of the publisher.

The Journal is committed to bring forth scientific manuscripts in the form of original research articles, current concept reviews, meta-analyses, case reports with clear message and letters to the editor. Through such publications, the ISKSAA hopes to advance the development of the scientific material in the area of Arthroscopy & Joint pathology. Notwithstanding to the literal meaning of the title "Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery", the journal will also like to publish the scientific research related to tissues other than joints that will have ultimately an effect on the function of the joints. In addition to advancing the scientific development, the "JAJS" provides students and general orthopedic practitioners the opportunity to develop their interests further in the upcoming specialties of Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine and Arthroplasty.

The "JAJS" will have a present frequency of 3 times a year with an ultimate aim to be quarterly depending upon the response and the progress.

The spread and development of the knowledge related to the preventive and curative aspects of Joint disorders is not new for ISKSAA. For the last almost a decade, it has been organising periodic symposiums, seminars, workshops and live surgeries with the help of top international faculty experts in the National Capital Region of Delhi. In the recent years, it has initiated one to one training mentorship programs for the young orthopaedic surgeons desirous of promoting their knowledge and skills in the areas of disorders related to the joints. The present endeavor is another step in the expansion of the wings of the society to further promote the objective of spreading the science and art of Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty to the Orthopaedic fraternity.


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