“ Dear Dr.Bajaj ,I thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the two week Observership at Adelaide. It was a very well organized effort from your side as well as the team in Australia. It enabled me to observe surgeries of my interest and interact with great surgeons and academicians .Kindly find attached a brief report of our stay in Adelaide, academic and leisure. We were looked after very well and hope that many more surgeons benefit from this great academic opportunity .We had a great two weeks in Adelaide and have upgraded my skills and widened my repertoire .Yours Truly .”

Day 1 - Received at the airport by Mr.Donald and accompanied to our accommodation at Laffer's road, which is well furnished,with all amenities and very natural surroundings .Visited Theatre at Repatriation hospital and observed TKR by Dr.Middleton . We also visited IMRI and were acquainted to the aims and objectives of IMRI by Mr.Nicholas Kerrison.

Day 2 - Repatriation hospital with Dr.Lipton who demonstrated ACL and Meniscus surgeries and the tips and tricks of knee arthroscopic procedures.

Day 3 - Flinders private with Prof.Jegan. Half and hour into the cases and we knew why he is one of the best, internationally recognized and respected by Surgeons and loved by his staff. We observed a variety of cases from arthroscopic and open shoulder stabilization ,decompression and knee replacements . Dinner was hosted by Prof Jegan at a very good Indian restauraunt. We met Dr.Mario Penta and other people involved in the research unit and had a wide discussion on academic and other fields.

Day 4 - Repatriation hospital with Prof Jegan. A variety of cases of open/arthroscopic stabilization and decompression. Step by step demonstration of reverse shoulder replacement in two consecutive cases followed by detailed evidence based academic teaching.

Day 5 - Sportsmed SA with Dr.Nick Wallwork . Shoulder arthroscopic and open stabilization , rotator cuff repair , hand surgery cases,And complex proximal humerus fractures.It was good to see procedures being done using various methods by different surgeons.

Day 6 - Visit to Victor Harbor and Mclaren Vale with fellow observer Dr.Yuvi from Chennai.

Day 7 - Visit to Cleland national park and Adelaide city tour

Day 8 - Repatriation hospital.Wide variety of primary TKR with Dr.Middleton. Detailed discussion about mobile and fixed bearings and CR / CS knees.

Day 9 - Repatriation hospital with Dr.Nick was a great opportunity once again to observe cases of arthroscopic and open Bankarts repair in back to back cases. We also observed a case of ulnar shortening with TRIMED plate and a case of DIP joint fusion with memory system.

Day 10 - Ashford Hospital with Prof.Jegan. Marathon list with 16 cases. We had a very good demonstration of navigated TKR using Amplitude system. Prof.Jegan demonstrated surgical technique in two consecutive cases which made is look very simple, although everything looks simple in the Master's Hand. Two cases of distal biceps rupture repair with Athrex Whipstich and fibre loop . Ankle arthroscopy technique and cases of shoulder and knee arthroscopy, bipolar hip replacement were also demonstrated . Prof.Jegan worked nonstop for 15 hours and I appreciate the hard work put in by the team, theatre staff who worked efficiently and deftly to make sure that all cases are operated in time.

Day 11 - Repatriation hospital with Dr.Ling and Dr.Wilson. Consecutive cases of PFC CR knees by Dr.Ling. He gave us tips as to how to make our surgery simple and reproducible to yield consistent results. He also demonstrated his arthroscopy skills in meniscal and ACL surgery. Dr.Wilson had primary and revision TKR cases and we also met with Dr.Ajai Rawat from Alice Springs and shared ideas with him

Day 12 - Sportsmed SA with Dr.Nick Wallwork. It is an efficient set up with good facilities and a good work load. It was good upper limb work with arthroscopic Bankarts repair, rotator cuff repair, decompressions and several hand surgery cases. We had good interactive discussion with Dr.Nick.

I went back to India with heap loads of academics, new ideas, and good memories of a beautiful nation with caring people. I am looking forward to utilize my training to apply it in indian settings and take Sports Medicine forward in my city .

I once again thank Dr.Pushpinder Bajaj and Dr.Lalit Maini for giving me this opportunity of academic exploration and witness a Master and His team at work .My sincerest thanks and regards to Prof J Krishnan for making our fellowship memorable,enriching and for taking good care of us.

Special thanks to Mr.Donald ,who was our "Lighthouse" at all times and got us out of trouble on more than one occasion.Only one point to add to Dr.Palani's recommendation to future fellows- always keep a mobile charged- both battery and Dollar and keep Mr.Donald's number on the dialing list, and all would be well!

Dr.Amit Singh, M.S ortho

St.joseph hospital , Lucknow


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