I am very much thankful to ISKSAA for providing me an opportunity to join the prestigious Delhi travelling fellowship. I really appreciate efforts taken by Prof Dr Lalit Maini to arrange our day to day visit at best possible centre with interesting cases to learn. I am truly indebted as Prof Dr Lalit Maini allowed me to join fellowship on second day.

I started with sports injury center at Safdarjung hospital on the first day and ApolloIndraprastha hospital on second so on the journey followed . We received warm welcome from Dr Raju Vaishya. His down to earth personality impressed us a lot. He took great interest to teach us and taught us minute details of surgeries he peformed. His team was very cooperative and they guided us to different theatres and helped us to see different surgeries. The attraction of the day was patient specific custom made jigs for TKR. We also saw other procedures like arthroscopy and tumour cases. For the next day also we were posted insame hospital with Dr Kharabanda. We got to see many knee replacements and arthroscopies and learnt a lot.

As the fellowship progressed we got the opportunity to visit different hospitals and observe the work of many renowned surgeons. We visited centres like Indian spinal injury centre, Sport injury centre Safdarjung, Rockland hospital, Primus hospital and SantParmanand hospital. We were lucky to get the opportunity to visit so many high volume centres in such a short duration of time. The whole credit goes to Prof Dr Lalit Maini sir for his excellent co-ordination. Everyday he used to take huge efforts to arrange the centre with good number of cases alongwith different variety.

One thing I would like to mention about the fellowship that such short term fellowships are very much useful as it becomes possible for the fellows to observe and compare same surgeries done by different experts. This was very advantageous as we could pick good techniques and tricks followed by every surgeon. Also we could compare and develop our own opinion regarding different methods of performing same surgeries. Alongwith it the biggest benefit was that everyone was ready to teach us and was generous enough to discuss our queries. We could not find a single person who was not ready to help us. So within very short span of time we got to learn from many surgeons with different expertise. All credit goes to ISKSAA and efficient shoulders of its president and chairman carrying the responsibility of it.

I would like to extend special gratitude to Dr Pushpinder Bajaj for teaching us different surgeries. Especially a revision ACL reconstruction which was among the best surgeries we had seen during whole fellowship. We were very much impressed with him as he taught us not only the academics but also gave us the lessons about the practical aspects of orthopaedic practice. Thank you very much sir, I shall never forget the key ideas you taught us.

The best part of our fellowship was our training at sport injury centre and the cadaveric course arranged by them. It was very useful as we were taught all basics and advance techniques related to the arthroscopy. The course included lectures as well as hands on training on cadaver. It was a very nice exposure and it boosted our confidence to do arthroscopy in our practice. A special thanks to Dr Deepak Joshi and Prof Ravi Verma for their efforts for trainees.

Finally my words are falling short to express my thankfulness to ISKSAA and its chairman as well as president. The name of ISKSAA was just like a trump card for us as we went through different hospitals of Delhi. Only the name of ISKSAA was enough and we were treated like guests everywhere and were given all possible help. It is only because of goodwill earned by Prof Dr Lalit Maini sirand Dr Pushpinder Bajaj sir. It benefited us like anything. I hope our association with ISKSAA will keep helping us as well as its other members in future. May our ISKSAA flourish like anything in future and keep enlighting knowledge of young orthopaedicians like me .

Dr Paramesh K C

Assistant Professor,
Department Orthopaedics,
Mysore Medical college,


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