Fellowship report of IMRI fellowship: OCT 2015

My sincere thanks to

At the outset we would like to express our gratitude for Dr. Pushpinder Bajaj, Prof. LalitMaini, Prof. Jegan Krishnan & all esteemed doctors at Repatriation General Hospital and Flinder's Medical Centre for offering us this cherished opportunity. A special thanks to Mr. Daniel Cullen, for being the dependable local guardian you could always rely upon.

We had planned to utilize this time in Australia for maximum personal, professional and academic enrichment, but the time being the festive month for us we just managed to spend the proposed time. So we landed in Australia a daybefore starting the fellowship and were amazed from the first day itself.

After we landed in Adelaide and were received at the airport by Mr. Daniel Cullen, what we later used to call "our local guardian". He dropped us at our home for the next 4 weeks at 17, Belair road. The accommodation was located in the beautiful hills of Glenalta, well connected by Bus and train to the city. It is a very comfortable apartment with all facilities.
Next morning Mr. Daniel picked us up and we went to Repatriation Hospital where we were introduced to the staff of orthopaedic department, and ot and doctors in the ot. We felt very comfortable being there. Gradually as the day passed we meet all the fellows working there who were very much helping to us, Dr. Samson, Dr. Ranawat, Dr. Kaniskh, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Bhavin and Dr. Rob.

As our fellowship progressed, we came in touch with the stalwarts of Orthopaedic Surgery in Adelaide having the best mix of sub-specialties ranging from Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty to revision surgeries of shoulder, knee, hip and other joints. We were very fortunate to witness great surgeons like Dr. Bain, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Inglis, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Liptak, Dr. Penta, Dr. Ling, Dr. Starvou apart from Prof. Krishnan.
The best part of this fellowship is that Prof. Jegan Krishnan made sure that we were able to witness any of the surgeries being done at the Institute according to our own interest and choice. He gave individual attention to our learning procedure, taking personal care in teaching, supervising our learning and our comfortable stay during the fellowship. So, we were able to attend ot in private hospitals also with the surgeons and that made the exposure even wider than what we have imagined. Every single surgeon was very cooperative and friendly thus allowing us to clear all our doubts, Many a times they even gave us lift to our house.

We witnessed almost 130 surgeries during our tenure and it was really a rewarding and enriching experience to say the least. As mentioned by other fellows, all the surgeons were keen to discuss their cases and also asked us about the options we have in our minds, which really helped in making the whole process interactive and easy to understand.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Adelaide, it's a paradise for nature lovers, we have visited the attractions nearby in the weekends, seen mountains, forests, beaches and of course kangaroos and koalas.

2day before our departure Prof Jegan hosted dinner at a very goodsea food restaurant where we interacted with other surgeons. The place was by the side of the sea having great views and oviously with great food.

Apart from the surgeries, we regularly attended the clinical meetings and were part of the clinical discussions that followed. We were also given opportunity to present our ongoing research in one of the meetings. We went back to India with new ideas, pleasant memories and knowledge that have helped us for becoming more mature surgeon.

Overall this wonderful opportunity provided by Dr. Pushpinder Bajaj, Prof. Maini and their team, made further special by the paternal guidance of Prof. Jegan Krishnan, was one of the best thing that happened to us and we would surely go a long way in shaping my academic and professional career.

We sincerely thank everyone at ISKSAA and IMRI for providing me this marvelous opportunity.



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